Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi LogoThe Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit card sized, single-board computer, which was originally designed for use in education, to get young people in to computer programming and help improve their knowledge of hardware. Today it is used by enthusiasts, both young and old, in all kinds of projects including, creating computer games, using it as a media centre or retro games console, controlling robots and much more.

As well as being useful in all kinds of projects, it can perform many of the functions that a desktop PC or laptop can, such as word processing, spreadsheets and browsing the internet. There are many different operating systems available for the Raspberry Pi, the majority of which are some form of Linux, although it is possible to use Android and even Microsoft Windows. Raspbian is the operating system that is officially supported by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, who make the Raspberry Pi and is recommended for beginners.

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