Finding a Tutor

Registry of Guitar Tutors LogoWhether you are looking to play guitar just for fun or something more serious, it can be easier and quicker to learn with the help of a tutor.

A lot of shops that sell guitars have information about tutors that are available in the area. They may even have a tutor based at the shop.

Another way to find a tutor is through the internet, either via a search engine such as Google, or using a directory of tutors such as the one provided by the Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT). Tutors who register on RGT provide information about what they can teach as well as the level they can teach it too, however, this information is not validated by RGT.

With the use of the Internet and technology such as Skype, your search for a tutor need not be limited to the area you live or even the country you live in, as some tutors will offer lessons via services such as this.