Introduction to VBScript

VBScript, or Visual Basic Script to give it its full title, is a language developed by Microsoft, based on Visual Basic, prior to it being part of the .NET framework. It was first released back in 1996 and has been included in every desktop release of the Microsoft Windows operating system since Windows 98 and Windows Server since Windows NT 4.

VBScript can be used to automate system administration tasks in a Microsoft Windows environment. Another of its original intended uses was as an alternative to JavaScript in web based applications, although it is only supported in the Internet Explorer web browser. As of 13 August 2019, VBScript support has however been turned off by default in Internet Explorer. It is also used as the primary language in the automated testing tool Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT), formerly known as QuickTest Professional (QTP).

The Basics

Useful Stuff