Meaning of the Colour Blue

Meaning of the Colour BlueThe colour blue is most associated with the sea and sky. From a positive point of view, it represents knowledge, coolness, cleanliness peace, masculinity, contemplation, loyalty, justice and intelligence. The flip side of this is that it can also show coldness, detachment, apathy and depression.

From a marketing perspective, blue is one of the most popular colours, which means it is a safe colour to use. The use of blue should be avoided however, when promoting food or cooking products as, unlike red and orange, it actually suppresses the appetite. Care must also be taken so as not to over use it, possibly by combining it with another colour.

Globally, blue is the number one favourite colour. It is also used in over 50% of the worlds flags and is the most commonly used colour in corporate identity.

Variations of the Colour Blue

  • Light blue: Represents health, healing, tranquillity, understanding and softness. It is also said to inspire creativity.
  • Sky blue: This is said to be one of the calmest colours, which inspires selfless love and creativity. It is also seen as a universal healer, that is non-threatening and promotes a helpful nature.
  • Azure blue: Represents true contentment, as well as inspiring determination and ambition.
  • Dark blue: Represents knowledge, power, integrity, seriousness and masculinity. 

Cultural Links

Below are some of the meanings of the colour blue associated with specific cultures.

  • China: Colour for little girls.
  • Iran, Turkey and central Asia: Colour of mourning.
  • Thailand: Associated with Fridays, anyone may wear blue on a Friday and anyone born on a Friday may adopt blue as their colour.
  • Western bridal tradition: Means love.