Meaning of the Colour Yellow

Meaning of the Colour YellowYellow is the colour of sunshine, which can show intellect, wisdom, optimism, enlightenment, creativity, radiance, joy and idealism. However, this colour is used with caution, as it can also portray jealousy, cowardice, deceit and caution.

From a marketing perspective, this is the colour that captures our attention more than any other.

Globally, in a large number of cultures, yellow is associated with happiness, sunshine and warmth. In terms of religion, it is the colour most associated with the deity. Finally, yellow is the colour used in both traffic lights and signs to show caution.

Variations of the Colour Yellow

  • Light yellow: Helps to clear the mind, making us more alert.
  • Lemon yellow: Increases our sensitivity to criticism, promotes self-reliance and a need for an orderly life.
  • Citrine yellow: A superficial and fickle colour that can show emotional instability, deceit and an aversion to responsibility.
  • Golden yellow: Increases our sensitivity to criticism and shows someone who is a loner with an interest in learning the finer details of a particular subject.
  • Cream: Helps encourage new ideas. It also portrays a person with a lack of confidence and a need for reassurance.
  • Dark yellow: Associated with depression and shows a lack of love, along with low self-worth. It also shows a person who is a constant complainer or cynic.

Cultural Links

Below are some of the meanings of the colour yellow associated with specific cultures.

  • Egypt and Burma: Colour of morning.
  • India: Symbol of merchants and farmers.
  • Japan: Symbol of courage.
  • Buddhist cultures: Saffron yellow robes are worn by priests.
  • Hindu cultures: Worn to celebrate the festival of spring.